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Default font when posting?

Guest stingray001

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Can the developers please add an option in my controls so that we are able to set a default font while adding a reply/topic.

If not it would be very troublesome to like Type the content, then highlight everything then change the font everytime.

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i do have to say i was thinking the same thing along time ago but it is a good bit of work and could make a lot of post/topics unreadable and annoying post even more so

with this they would have to add all kinda other options like ranks and membership to be able to use this option that u know can be trusted with it

not saying they cant just do it now but it makes it harder and less common

but it would be kinda cool to see a default font inside my controls

but they will also more than likely tell u they have better things to be working on right now like the new gallery and blog and so on

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