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I think it would be a good idea to be able to allow a new member to automatically become a member of a specific User Group (instead of and/or in addition to the 'Members' User Group) based on a field in the registration screen.

For instance, if I had a 'drop down' field in the registration screen that provides two (or more) choices, 'YES' and 'NO', then when the registration process has been completed the member would automatically be made a member of the YES or NO group dependant on, obviously, the users initial choice in the registration screen.

Better still, it would also be great if this could be implemented in such a way that multiple choices could also be dealt with. i.e. RED BLUE GREEN YELLOW BLACK WHITE choices from a drop down list but allow the user to select one or more and be automatically made a member of the relevant groups.

I believe that this would be a valuable addition to an IPB as it would allow new members to choose which groups they would like to become members of (or even see) and also reduce potential workload for administrators who would otherwise have to manually select relevant groups for members.

Thoughts and comments?

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It's an interesting idea, but I wonder whether it saves anything in the long run [for Admins]? Once they've joined, aren't members just as likely to change their mind about which groups they'd like to be in, and ask Admins to make the changes for them?

Perhaps if this feature were to be implemented, it ought to go hand in hand with a feature for members to be able to change the groups, once they are registered.

Here endeth my thoughts and comments.

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