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Okies, I tried paying for my invoice just a few seconds ago but something happened.

I got the confirmation page thingy from the PayPal and all and when i clicked on return to IPS site and such it says in a red box:

the following errors were found:
Error detecting gateway

I used Paypal for it. It's all fully verified and such and there's plenty of money in the bank. I did everything right and followed all on-screen instructions.

Please, I would like this resolved ASAP.



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Okies...Sooo er...What do i need to do now lol?

And thanks very much for the extremely fast reply and great help and support to the customers here! Im truelly proud of being a customer of IPS XD.

Would you like me to submit a ticket still or will you send me all the details and such through an email?

Please reply back here. Thanks again.


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Okies, Thanks very much Debbie, It's greatly appreciatted XD.

And my cPanel and webhosting and website and such which i already have recieved an email for, I can start editting all that and such can't i, right? And once thats done i jus keep waiting for it to be installed and such, yh?

Okies, Thanks very much! Speak to ya soon!


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