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All sugguestions for 2.3 Version

Guest Keigirock

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Thanks a lot for your excellent job! I do really think that your forum is the best one in the market. And I hope you'll continue to improve it.

May I give some suggestions for future 2.3? :

1) In memberlist: delete white frame of personal photos. Why do not use this white frame to enlarge photos. Because, currently you can not distinguish any photo in Memberlist :blink:

2) In posting: I would like to apply to all my community members the option with Rich-texte editing. I could do it for full editing (+quickedit), but not for fast reply. Mostly, it's for people who are not friendly with PCs :rolleyes:

3) In calendar: possibility to upload the file within the calendar event. It will improve (IMHO) professional side of your forum. When somebody make an event, he would like to share presentation of this event.

4) In posting: to be able to copy-paste an image without any uploading.

5) In posting: to be able make very simple table

6) In topic's option (email, print, download): to have notification option. I would like to notify some members about this topic, or may be just my friends.

7) In ACP: to be able to disable some member's profiles lines like yahoo, iam, statistic. Too much non-important (for me :ph34r: ) information on profile

8) In memberlist: to be able to specify how many members to view by default on memberlist page. Because when you have more than 200 members you'd like to see them by 60 or even more.

9) in members profile: to have one photo and not both avatar and personal photo. May be it's quite largely used by others, but in our forum it's additional non-used function (probably do not delete this funciton, but make it optional).

10) In search function: If do not respect BIG LETTERS and little letters in the word, IPB will not be able to find it. It's very pitty, because we're not always sure if it's "voyage" or "Voyage"

I have some suggestions for IP Blog, but I will put them in IPBlog section.

Thank you again

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