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Awesome Customer Support!

Guest NightFlurry

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I just thought that i'd post up a topic here and let it be my first one and start off on a positive note, Saying that, There's nothing i can say that's negative XD.

I'd like to thank all of you at Invision Power for your great efforts and work into making IPS what it is today with your excellent skills and techniques, Keep up the good work!

I'd also like to give a special thank you to Debbie here too. Although i had sent previous e-mails earlier on in the year when i was a noob lol i didn't take much notice, However, I've become much more 'pro' at computing and forums and such and i've decided to instead of using Invision Free, Use the fully paid version. I've got website hosting which....I don't know about yet, I need to pay for the invoice [I'll sort it out later XD] But fact is, The customer support and e-mails i've recieved from her have not only been fast but helpful, kind, easy to read and also...Relaxing. Im sure other IPS Staff do the same but she used such things as emoticons at the ends of sentences such as :) and to me, This is a company...A nice company that is very well laid back and chilled out.

They care about not only their wages, hehe, but their customers. And you can tell this by the dedication they put into both their customer support, services and all sorts of different things. And it really is a pleasure and im now proud to say that im a happy customer of Invision Power Services, I hope i'll continue to be too XD.

Basically, This should be at the start so you can read the basically first lol! Thank you all for your efforts and great kind support and a special thank you to you too Debbie. I'll be sure to keeping in touch...E-mail support wise....Asking for support XD.


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