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Suggestion: 'Super Avatars' for members on high speed connecti

Guest ChrisA

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A few members of my community have started using animated GIFs converted from AVI videos and hosted on remote websites as their avatars - these files can range upto 6MB in size, and are obviously a problem for people trying to access my forums on slower connections - principally dial-up of course.

As a solution to this problem, I was thinking it would be a good idea if each member effectively had two avatars - a standard avatar with the current restrictions such as max. 50KB filesize, uploaded dimensions etc. Then they could have a 'super avatar' such as these animated GIFs, which are only displayed if a particular member selects in their control panel that they have a high speed internet connection.

I'm sure someone will say I should just add a board guideline restricting their use, but I think a solution such as this that allows people capable of seeing these 'enhanced' files would be a more elegant and appropriate solution given so many people now have high speed internet access.

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