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Mass amount of suggestions

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Sorry if any are confusing I was just going though old topics I made in the suggestions forum and complied a list of them. Please also note I did this in Microsoft Word (2007) things may be off/what-not. This will probably have to be multiple posts. Sorry

1. Feature suggestions & ideas

2. Tiny % done on installer/upgrader to tell the person how much is done

a. Auto-Log into account (1.x series days)

b. TOPIC: Suggestion for installer/upgrader

3. Quick-Reply

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20. Import where not possible
a. Calendar
b. Ban (person/e-mail/other . . .) filter
21. Color event based on event - Actually someone else came up with idea but the main thought is say you have a ranged event, those would be (say) blue while one day events would be like green.
22. Admin can change users group on (insert_date_here) admin can choose though:
a. Amount of posts user must have (spam/non-spam)
b. Days joined
c. Other . . .
23. REGISTER->IP->WEEKDAY - This would limit how many times a IP could register per hour (like between 4->6 PM only 10 accounts could be made). Also could be per week day.
a. After posting... Option picked by each member. Go to forum or go to topic.
b. Copy Topic. Moderator tool.
c. More PM notifications - This would send the admin (if they choose it) to get more PM'S then e-mails. (They could even be put in a special folder so the admin doesn't 'skip' over them and delete/not notice them 'accidently')
d. Visible warning level but the reason is not visible.
e. Birthday Icon. The calendar displays an icon if there are birthdays for that day. This leaves extra space for actual events.
f. Enhanced IP Ban. The current IP ban often blocks good visitors to your board. This new ban will allow you to delete or disable the offending users account and then ban his IP as strictly as needed. Any new registrations that match that IP ban will have to be approved first, thus blocking out the bad user will letting other good people that share the same IP range to still visit
g. Colored 'who posted'. Usernames have group colors applied.
h. Edit queued post. Edit a post before approving it (often a user makes a good post but then adds a complaint about being on mod queue or requesting to be removed from it).
i. Log login failures for password protected forums
j. New Group Promotion Option You can choose to promote a user once they have been registered for x days (instead of basing promotions off posts which leads to spamming).

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