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I am plannin on buying a Invisionfree Power Board.

Assuming you mean Invision Power Board, that's a good choice ;)

But if I buy it will it have a hompage too. Or will it just be the forums?

Just the forums.
Everything you see on forums.invisionpower.com is what you get from buying IPB. You can then skin it as you like.
If you want a website, you might want to try looking for a CMS software, or wait and buy Invision Power Dynamic - which will do just that.

I want it to be something like this


That's a very impressive website.
IPB can only help you with the 'discussion' section of that website - but that will take a lot of skinning work.
Websites like that take a lot of work.

As said before, you'd be best EMailing sales.

Have a nice day
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Okay so all they do is provide forums....hmm if I get Invision Power Dynamic do I get a wensite and forums or what?

And I am sorry I said Invision


Power Board. I was thinking about the free one's

Invision Power Dynamic (IP.D) is still in development, we are likely to see the product released as a public BETA early next year. So for the time being, you can only purchase the forum software.
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IP.Dynamic will not provide you with a domain or forum.

IP.Dynamic will provide you with a application to produce a site, in a similar way freewebs does, but more advanced.
IP.Board will provide you with a place to hold community discussion
IP.Hosting would provide you with a place where you can put this online. I am not sure if they provide domains but I would imagine do, however IPS would help you get a domain if they don't provide domains.

For hosting I would recommend the $14.99 package on http://hosting.ipslink.com/shared.html. It includes a IP.Board license and will allow you to use IP.Dynamic when it comes out for the license fee (unless IPS provide it free to IP.Hosting users, which I am not sure if they will). The $14.99 package has a IP.Board license included FREE, so you only have to pay for hosting :)

Hope this helps.


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IP. Dynamic:


IP. Board:


IPS Hosting:


IPS Domains:


Some links for you ;)

I agree with stobbo, if you go with IPS Hosting, you get a free IP. Board license

I knew they did domains :P

So basically, if you don't have much knowlage with running a website, IPS is the perfect company. You also get one support place for all products :)
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Hi there!

The "Buy Now" page is here: http://community.ipslink.com/board/purchase.html

There is no need to upgrade if you get the Standard - the feature set of that compared to Business is identical, the only difference is in the SLA (maximum time for support to fix problems for you) which is 1 day for business, and 2 for standard. In both cases you do have IPSB access, which can sometimes be faster than either SLA! You can make polls on your forum wherever you like - as the administrator, YOU decide where polls can be made on your forum!

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