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After upgrading

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After upgrading there are a load of settings and stuff left over from old mods, when I try and delete them I get something like:-

Invision Power Board Message

Cannot remove this setting group as it still contains active settings

Also I have database tables which aren't in use from old mods.

Can someone give me a list of all the default tables in a 2.2 RC3 database, plus a way to get rid of the settings.

Also I want to know if these are default settings:

Signature Limitation

Allow links in signatures?

Limit the number of lines

Limit number of characters per line

Limit the number of images

Limit the size of each image

Limit the total size of images (kb)

Maximum Display Name Length

Show once per topic page?

Not show in the following forums

Not show for the following groups
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Just for those who might need this in future, you set the board to IN_DEV using the setting in /init.php and then you can delete all the settings from within the settings group
In 2.2 you can also delete components this way (I deleted both of Invision's chat components, no intention of ever using them)

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