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The New Editor is great! looks nice works well :)
My Friends is ok but would of been nice bulit into the My Assistant (Think Matt said they work 2 different ways or something so could not be done?)
Members List - Its Good, Looks nice works well

The only thing i get in Internet Explorer 7 is that Javascript error (been reported by others) Not sure about the others as normaly do not use them, The RC 1 works great and am Pleased with all the work the Staff at IPB has done :) Not tried RC2 Yet due to some people have had JS errors and others (Play around later with it)

I've Updated my Live site (A Gaming Clan) to RC1 and I've not had any Problems! (Other then skin)

Do You Think sometime when IPB 2.2 is finished we could get a FULL skin Change list from Version 2.1.7 and what Class's have changed?

Thanks and only feedback after reading bfarber's post :)

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