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2 home links?

Guest Seyeko

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My forum has been screwed up ever since 2x, but i created a clone of my mysql database and am testing the upgrade and maybe even fix my skin to work with 2.2, but i noticed this problem in the global header links.

If you notice, there are 2 home links. One is for MJHQ[dot]com which was my old site years ago. For some reason it put it there.
why did it do this? There are no settings the admin cp linking to to that address. Everything is pointing to the new address which is www.mjone.com . I didn't have this problem with 2.1.x
Anyone know how i can fix it? I know i can delete the link from the global header html template, but im sure its meant to be there and i'd rather just solve the problem.

this is the code for that part:

            <div class='ipb-top-left-link'><a href="{$this->ipsclass->vars['home_url']}">{$this->ipsclass->vars['home_name']}</a></div>
            <div class='ipb-top-left-link'><a href="{$this->ipsclass->base_url}act=home">{$this->ipsclass->vars['csite_title']}</a></div>

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