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I say this suggestion with no real experience with coding, so please bear with me.

I sometimes end up having to turn my board offline to some, so they can work on their aspects of the forum, such as Category Managers working on their part of the forum etc.

But, what I find irritating, is when I go to turn it offline for specific jobs, such as security updates, cleaning etc. I have to go through the member list picking who should go onto the board when it is offline, because if more people can get online, some things may go wrong.

What I propose is that you can make custom offline options, where you pick and choose who can get online from the menu in the ACP, then you add it to a list of custom Offline Options, so I could pick and choose what kind of offline status the board is on.

For example, I wanted to shut the board offline so my Category Managers could get to work cleaning up their categories. Usually I would have to make it so they could get online, but with the Custom Offline Options, I could have pre-made a "Manager Clean Up" offline mode, and then I could just run it. Making the board available to all higher than Category Manager in rank.


What do you guys think, and do you actually understand the suggestion?

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Yes, but being able to produce Mutliple offline modes, which allow different types of users online when activated (Eg. Producing a Global Mod + Admin Offline mode, and an Admin Only offline mode, and a Admin - Category Manager Offline mode then when I want to perform one of them I can just turn it on instead of editting the member group) would help me ALOT.

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+1 this is a feature I would use.

You know something should be in there when you think "I wish I could....", some of the suggestions you hear are just things people are pulling out of nowhere.

If you have the time you could probably 'write' a modfication for those for 2.2. I'd probably like to see a modifcation.

Another idea: You can also choose what type of 'change' the board is gong thougbh: skin, upgrade (forum: Major|minor), layout, etc. With predifined messages (that can be changed . . .).
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