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Installation on a IPB 2.1.7

Guest Buzzy fan

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Hi , i'm not sure if it's the right place to post that..if not , please admin move this to the appropriate place.

My question is simple..id this version will be compatible to be install ( update ) on a previous version ( 2.1.7) or it's completly a different system..

I'm i gonna be able to just update from 2.1.7 to 2.2 or not ?

many thanks


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You will be able to upgrade from IPB v2.1.7 -> IPB 2.2 FINAL. (You can upgrade to RC1 also, but its not recommended. It is highly recommended you do NOT upgrade your live board to IPB 2.2 until it comes to "FINAL". :))

Thanks a lot..

Hope this one will be whit a less update patch..

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Whatever :-) We don't care your warnings, we want to try it anyway

LOL, That's what I'm doing and I'm doing it right now.

I have done it, damn the browser stopped in the process. But the installer is very good.
Much better than older versions of installers. I had to rerun the installation 5-6 times with errors
warnings and prompts.

But the installer pushed till the finish line finally, and the board is upgraded to 2.2rc1.

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So mmhhh, how do you actually upgrade from 2.1.7 to 2.2 RC1 ?

I don't really know which files to upload...

I read the documentation but it only says how to make a fresh install :huh:

Upload all IPB 2.2 files over IPB 2.1.7 files (or watever version your upgrading over)

Then run the upgrader.

The IPB Documentation should guide you in detail. :)
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