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Add to Ban Filters from Manage Validating

Guest Chip.R

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I have been under a fairly constant attack by spammers to get access to our site. I guess we're posted on some spammer's list or board.

I now have Admin Validation on and I'm having to go in on a fairly regular basis to remove the accounts. It would be nice when I'm deleting these accounts that I had an option to add the selected users to the Banned IP and Banned Email lists and possibly the Banned Users list. For the Email, it would be good to add a single userid or any userid at a domain (e.g. *@domain).

As the software is now I have to cut and paste the IP addresses and email addresses patterns into a temporary buffer, navigate around to the Manage Ban Filters, paste the string and then click the right option. Do that for 4-5 users and you'll start to see how tedious it is -- in my case I'm often doing it for 10+ users.

What I'm suggesting is that IPB add three options to the "Process" menu in "Manage Validating":

Approve these Accounts
DELETE these accounts
Add IP to Ban Filters
Add email address to Ban Filters
Add email domain to Ban Filters

This would be EXTREMELY useful to those of us who are under constant hacker bombardment.

Thank you,

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I'm glad to see I'm not alone with this.

What I do find is that a lot of these spammer's are obviously using the same script to generate their accounts and I find the word "google" in one of the custom user profile fields. I'd love to put a trigger in place that basically says:

On New-Account-Creation-Event IF <profile field> EQUALS "google" THEN do-spammer-function

where do-spammer-function could be configured to do any or all of the functions listed above (e.g. ban IP, ban email, ban domain, add to banned users, delete account, etc.) though I would be careful about using "ban domain" in this case.


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