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Currently in the forum permissions you have show forum and read forum, with show forum turned off you can't read the forum either. Would it be possible to be able to read the forum if show forum is turned off or will this conflict somewhere.

The reason is I don't want the trash forum and other forums cluttering up the forum for me and its a hassle to rearrange permissions each time I need to look into said forum.

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It's a bit of an issue, this.

I know people would love to have linkable-but-not-showable forums return, but it's a little tricker than it sounds. This is mainly because when the forum cache is loaded, any forums without 'show_perms' are not added to the global cache array. In several points throughout the code, the existance of the forum ID in the cache array is checked by way of validating that the forum exists and the user can see it.

It'll mean a lot of code changes which means that it's not going to be a 2.2 thing.

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