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Attatchments problem

Guest theclub

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l made a post and added two .gif attatchments.

When l posted, the gif's were thumbnails, even though the settings in ACP say to show images.

No amount of refreshing or deleting temp files made any difference, however, when l clicked on 'Quick Edit' and back again, the images show.

The next time l went into the thread they were thumbnails again, and once again l had to use 'Quick Edit' to correct it, and that's how it still is.

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This is really weird, they weren't thumbnails, they were download links, but as the gifs were only 16x16 l didn't notice. When l clicked on a link it told me l didn't have permission to download. l changed this in permissions, and when l went back into the post the images were there, the download links had gone. :huh:

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