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Request: javascript errors .. change/stamp the filename

Guest Coastie

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If you are receiving any strange issues, such as javascript errors or you're finding a lot of the new functions don't work - please make sure you empty your browser's cache to ensure that

you are not

getting cached copies of the old javascript.

After every forum upgrade we have users with these problems. It has been going on since before v1.0 was released.

Please Fix It

We can't expect hundreds of thousands of users to dump their caches all the time. most don't know what a cache is, let alone how to clear it.
We admins can, but not the users.

Add a revision to the filename, something like a, b, c etc...

Have a single call someplace to link to the proper revision (a, b, c) so not all .php files need to be updated to point to the new file name, just the single revision point
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