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Button Tab bug ?

Guest Zoopavaris

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Hello there !

Just testing this new version of IPB, hope to install it soon on my server ! ( http://forum.nightwish.fr)

But I've got something very annoying with the Tab Button on my keyboard. When the cursor is on the text area of "Topic Title", if I push my Tab Button once, the cursor goes immediately to the text area to write my topic, instead of going to "Topic Description".

I have a similar problem with sending a PM : When the cursor is on "Recipients Name", pushing once on the tab button puts the cursor on the text area to write my PM, instead of putting it to "Message Title".

I find it very annoying >_<

At Last, the preview of a new PM (with the floating window "My Assistant") does not contain the correct style of the PM. I mean, instead of seeing something writting in blue, i see "[ code color = ..." etc...

I'm on Mac OS X 10.4.7 Tiger, and Firefox

I hope that my post will be read and helpful :)

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