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QUOTE(mgalyen @ Sep 21 2006, 06:08 PM)
haha.. guess with all the posts here from people whom are USING it then it has NOT been released... lol... might as well get a copy from the PeerToPeer programs like e-mule then...

haha.. good luck figuring it out without support. You want to steal it and publish that fact on the support forum, then obviously you don't have the brains to work this all out on your own.

Not once did I say "I WOULD do this". Nice to close a topic. Just another furstrated paying customer whom voiced about how I hear it is going to be available and then find out it is being released 'soon' (soon being sometime on the 22nd)... And I appreciate that at least one person explained it was a select group only who had it and the many posts here were about THIS test forum. It just seemed to me that half the world had it and many of us regular and devoted customers were left out.

And if one were really curious, they would say, "hmm.. if only a handful of people have this and yet it is available via other means... lets see, who is the honest loyal people now? If one checked my records, they would know that I own mulitple copies of IPB and have recommended the software to at least 27 sites I know that now use it, and reported and shut down 3 sites that ran it illegally.

I am just excited and hopeful that IPB has a complete new version and not just a mod! I'm curious and inpatient to see if many of the features that other commercial forums have standard are finally incorporated into IPB. Specialty Skins that still work with upgrades, multiple attachements (which was one of the most major needs that so many asked many times and version ago... ) and basically about any mod that Dean ever made, and hearing he is working with invision now, gives us loyal customers hope!

Sorry if my previous posts sounded negative... I just saw there was a forum with many threads already in it about the beta and was feeling left out... :( I will go hide in my hole now and wait until the beta is officially released... you are welcome to delete both threads...

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