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I love a lot of the new features but just one thing is bothering me - the post screen. I don't like emoticons in the dropdown, they just seem like an extra click away now. As someone with a lot of emoticons on my board I see that's going to be a major problem for people.

I'm also not as keen on the bigger posting aread and some of the new images for like B, I, U etc... they looked way slicker before.

Loving the new Profile features though.

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I just think my boardies will hate that bit (love a lot of other stuff) but boy do they love their emoticons. I just worry different sized ones will look awful in such a tiny dropdown.

The only other bit I'm not sure about is the size of the textbox, it looks huuuuge on my screen.

Anyway I'm going to play with my new profile now. If I spot anything else I'll post my thoughts.

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