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Just one simple thing

Guest Dlf

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Just one simple thing i'd like to see in 2.2. if the abilitly to make it so forums (when viewing sub forums) can be 'invisable' (I'll show a pic):


What's shown above is what I want, groups can view (or not view) fourms yet see the main forum.

Would this be possible for 2.2? Or if it's possible in 2.1.x, how?

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Also another possible suggestion (either for 2.2 or 3.0.0 [or one of the 'beta' of them], moveable components, right now you can move them with arrow keys in the ACP, but that's troublesome, and they don't' exactly always move one above (or below).

By moveable, I mean like in IPD, you can move files and directories around, that seems so much better than the current method for components. Would this work?

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