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Subscription System Improvements

Guest Brandon C

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The Subscription System implemented into IPB is a very complex structure and is a very nice feature. However, I feel that some limitations have set people back into looking out for and purchasing alternatives (such as Purchase It from Munjmedia.com, which I use and know several others do as well) that may get the job done better than what is in place currently. I believe it would be nice if IPS upgraded the Subscription System somehow and made improvements to it so people wouldn't have to go and buy alternatives (not unless they absolutely wanted to).

I believe one important feature that should be added for the Subscription System should have:

  • The ability to purchase an unlimited number of subscriptions (as currently, you may only purchase up to one subscription and then it does not allow you to purchase any more), permissions-based of course (where for example, Premium Members could be allowed to purchase an unlimited amount of subscriptions and they could see private premium subscriptions whereas the normal member could not a) see the private premium subscriptions and b) could only purchase "X" amount of subscriptions (based on their member group, permissions set on subscriptions for that group, etc.)).
I can't think of any more at the moment since it's early in the morning, but I'm sure we can use this as a Subscription System Improvement topic and can post any improvements we'd like to see on the Subscription System implemented into a future version of IPB. :)
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I made a suggestion that I think should be looked at, in another thread.


Also, on the "Show all subscribed members" page there are check boxes for each transaction, I think there should be a box that selects all transactions on that page. It would make thing alot easier for cleaning out expired/failed/pending transactions.

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