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Major improvement opportunity

Guest scater

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Currently IPB does not allow admin to set a limit on the size of an individual photo or file upload only the maximum size of a message. To me that is a nearly useless feature and a much more logical approach woudl be to allow a setting that limits the size of each file uploaded.

With current settings my users can upload 10x 50K images or ONE 500k image and I have no way to prevent this unless I limit message size to 50k or allow only 1 file per post.

Another related feature would be to limit or auto resize images posted as links.
This becomes a serious problem for low bandwidth users as posts could potentially link to seriously bloated image sizes. If the board could filter that to a set limit (say 50K) and resize the image, possibly resizing it, storing it then accessign the stored image when the link is clicked it would be a huge improvement.

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