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    My 501st post was calling Matt a Cabbage Patch Kid
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  1. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

  2. Possible Improvement on Downloads Page

    Presumably, the problem with enabling WGET would allow people WITHOUT subscriptions to also get the files ?
  3. is 40 today.. Woohoo!

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    2. Zhana


      HB bro I meant.

    3. skindev


      Half way to 80!

    4. Sokii


      Happy B-Day Stuart Little! Oh, that isn't you? Er...hmm...Happy Birthday Stuart!

  4. wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

  5. Did anyone see what happened to Eminem?

    The arsehole of an arsehole in the face of another arsehole.. Poetic really.
  6. Login Using Facebook Account

    Cheers Matt/Charles/Brandon et al.
  7. Login Using Facebook Account

    Looks like IPB need to jump on the bandwagon quick, or look to be dragging its heels.
  8. New Feature Suggestions for IPB 3.0

    An option to REPLY to PMs without quoting original message. More as I think of them.
  9. Just two minor annoyances in the Private Messaging section. 1. Replying to topics: There doesn't appear to be a way of replying to a PM without quoting the message, which if the PM is long, can be a pain in the butt, ok you can CTRL-A and delete it, but how about a "quick reply" option, much like in the forum itself? 2. Signatures: I think I'm on to my third year of asking, but given that I've yet to receive feedback on it, I'll ask again.. PLEASE give us an option to not include signatures in PMs. Thanks. -Stuart