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Multi Topic At Once!

Guest MasumX

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I'll try my best to explain, what I'm trying to suggest!!

This might be advanced but hey its an idea..

--------------Multi Topic---------------

Allow user to open more then one topic at once instead of having to go back to open another one. Something like this; You clicked on "New Topic" and there you can have something like "Open Another Topic" when they clicks to open another topic, minimize the current topic on bottom. After the minimze have option like "Edit, Delete" and a check box underneath each topic you open. So, user can edit, delete, and check the box to confirm which topic they wants to submit along with other topic they opened.

Oh ya! It's just like "Click here to manage this topic's poll " so, instead "Open Another Topic" or short version of something...I dunno!

I hope this idea wasnt that poor lol and I hope, I made some sense here lol..

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