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  1. Hi can you provide the links to your sitemap via pm? Sorry I haven't received any emails from my board as somehow Gmail decided to place them in the Junk so I haven't been visiting much.
  2. 1: As long as the forum that you select to be displayed can be accessed by Google then its fine. 2: You can select whichever forum to display.
  3. it seems you haven't uploaded file. Can you check that settings.php is found under public/sitemap/ folder?
  4. You don't have to do anything. If you setup the SEO correctly it should redirect to the new URL and when google re-reads the sitemaps it will get the full SEO-title nothing to worry about.
  5. Yes we are using the built in function of creating FURL. We just call it through formatURL function and input the relevant data from the database. if you are worried about the following: that link doesn't contain a seo-title in the database which is needed to create FURL that is why it is not showing.
  6. uhm thats normal, within topics.php?in=1 includes all your topics.
  7. Hi I have replied to you with the details can u check you junk mail?
  8. Retweet! lol no seriously based on development from 2.0 all the way to 3.1 the development process is much easier as they integrate everything via application folders. There are loads of hooks. However I've seen a great deal of people losing interest in developing for either VB and IPB, well that's my perspective on it. Maybe its lack of creativity, however I have been working on a new product and it hasn't been done on IPB yet.
  9. The latest download can be downloaded from IPS if you have an active customer badge. If you can't you can download it from http://icelabz.net/sitemap/ once downloaded, upload the files to your forum's root folder. then login into the Admincp > click Manage applications & Modules there you will see upgrade next to sitemap click it and follow through the installation. The latest files is Sitemap 2.3.5 If you need further help please let me know
  10. I need to update the guides. It seems someone has mis used the Wiki. the files are in: admin/applications_addon/other/sitemap/sources/admin.php The root of your folder should be where the following folder reside: admin/public/ etc....
  11. It should have been sent to the email you purchased it with. Please check your junk mail. if not can you provide me your email address and I will resend it to you.
  12. have you checked if the sitemap is accessible by the bot?
  13. I am working on MSeo, the sitemap on its own isn't the problem, its MSEO the only review i have: http://icelabz.net/f...ndpost__p__5438 I've sold over 50+ copies so far. I resolve the issue within a few emails. Try the free version and if you like to have more links then please consider the full version.
  14. Thanks, This is a company that listens and implements to what the consumers wants. Thanks again
  15. ok wow, IPS is thinking of everything! this is amazing, I'm glad i've been investing into IPS a long time now. No regrets in owning two licenses.
  16. hmmmm, sounds interesting now, this may reduce at least a few old hooks + file edits from my applications. Thanks IPS, keep up the job
  17. Sorry I forgot to mention there are two versions, a free and a paid version Here is a comparison: http://icelabz.net/sitemap/feature
  18. Thanks guys :) I will try to get IP.Tracker in there soon as well as the new community addons that IPB is going to release. Yes it is paid, more info can be found at http://icelabz.net/sitemap/ It was $8.99 but it has gone to $10.99 now
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