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Registration fix required with external modules

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Have been investigating external authentication modules {specifically LDAP}. While they largely work as expected, there are a couple of "unexpected features" when using it. {I'll just log the first one for now}

If you choose to automatically enter new users who authenticate {but are not yet in the IPS database - an option in the login manager modules} the IPB takes you to a new screen which just asks for display name and email address. Unfortunately this is bypassing the registration page where the admins post the conditions that all new users must agree to when joining the forum.

For reasons which could possibly include legal ones, this is not satisfactory. It also stops any new members from being recognised as "new" registrations, so add-ons like Auto_PM New Members will not work. Could this be fixed so that all automatically entered new users {when using the external authentication modules - setting "Log In Allow Member Creation"} are redirected through the registration page.
After ticking "I agree" it should then move to any subsequent stages required to complete registration, either the screen just asking for display name and email address, or the registration page with the username field / password preflled or excluded.

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