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Redirection after topic reply

Guest Logan

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This is very tiny, but would save some hassle of having to click back after each reply or clicking the breadcrumb link :P

Have an option in My Controls > Board Settings, like the rest of the little board specific options.

For after replying to a topic, where you are sent? Back to the topic you replied to, forum index that the topic is in, or the board index. I think those are 3 good options. I would really like to be sent to the forum index.

Have it apply to fast reply as well as add reply.

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I would like that feature myself, but I'm fairly certain that Joe Average User wouldn't bother playing with that setting. Unfortunate, but most users don't even know that they can archive their PMs to their email; in fact, many board owners don't know this either, and it's been a feature since 1.x. So, I have to wonder how many would use a redirect setting? Probably very few. Still, I'd love to have it. :thumbsup:

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