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Several pre-sale quetions

Guest CrazyCoder

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Dear IPS Staff:

I have 3 pre-sale questions to ask. I am not sure if I posted in right place, however, I havn't found a pre-sale forum here.

1. Assume that I will use IPB for 3 years , I have two choices (besides the tech support)
i, three yearly liscences, it will cost $69.5 + $69.5 + $69.5
ii, one lifetime liscence, it will cost $185 + 0 + 0

Is that true? Perpetual one of $185 once paid, I shall be able to use it for lifetime? But I hear that perpetual liscence will cost addtional $30 per year? What is the $30 for, tech support?

2. If I bought yearly liscence, how will it cost to upgrade to perprtual liscence when it is active? And how will it cost to upgrade to perprtual liscence after it expires?

3. Is there any sales promotion in near future?

Thanks for replying!


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Hello CrazyCoder

When you purchase a yearly license, you are entitled to use it for life. You just only have access to support and downloads for one year. With a perpetual license (not lifetime license), you are again entitled to use it for you, have downloads and support for life, but support for one year. To renew your support, it's $30 per year.

Shortly after purchasing a yearly license, if you wish to upgrade to a perpetual - you may do so for the difference.

Any sales promotions wouldn't be disclosed prior to starting it, however there haven't been one in about a year and a half...

Have a Nice Day :)

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