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Custom Fields?

Guest Blackbird111

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Ok I have my custom fields set up and everything.

But since I have a soccer forum and alot of people list they're favorite teams and players, it takes up alot of space and extends the forum load time.

I want the custom fields to stay, but only in my member's profile.

Now before I upgraded, this was fine, cause I deleted the custom title thing on the forum skin and it didn't show in posts, just profile.

I went to where as I would at the old IPB Version, but it's not there even to delete anymore?

Any Suggestions? :(

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Since you mentioned an upgrade I'll asume you're using 2.1.x. If this is not the case, the procedure is the same except for the Management tab.

Go to the ACP -> MANAGEMENT -> Users and Groups -> Custom Profile Fields.

There, look for the profile fields you don't want to appear in topic view, click on Edit.

A list of options for the custom field will be shown. The last option is "Topic View Format?". Leave it blank so it won't be seen on topic view.

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