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Update Topic (Edit+Bump) and Track Changes

Guest //Nathan

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I have two suggestions to enhance the edit feature:

#1: Update Topic (aka Edit With Bump)

You've written a long topic or post, and you know you're outside the automerge timeframe, and nobody's replied... you can either double post, or edit your post and risk nobody noticing... My suggestion is that selected groups be able to bump their topic with the edit. Add "Complete Edit and Bump" between "Complete Edit" and "Cancel Edit" and/or add "After posting, [Don't Bump | Bump]" with Don't Bump as the default in a drop-down box. Also, rather than "This post has been edited by NAME on DATE" change it to "This post has been updated by NAME on DATE".

#2: Track Changes

Ever see the "edited by" and wonder what was changed? I suggest, in the place where you add or reconfigure a Group, the following options: "Can View Edit Changes" and "Can Avoid Edit Changes Being Tracked" near "Allow Group to Bypass Edited By Legend" or however that's spelled out. If you're in a group that can view the edit changes, an edited post would have a drop-down box with LATEST (DATE), Revision Z (DATE), Revision Y (DATE), Revision X (DATE), and Original Post (DATE). Selecting them would change the post to the edit. Additionally, there could be a check box saying something like "Get Specific" which would show new text (versus the last change) as in red and removed stuff struck-through.

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Yeah, and... I want to undo moderation actions, and I don't see how I can, though the ACP seems to imply that I can...view and remove actions, though I can't actually undo each individual action. One of my mods accidentally deleted a post... I quoted it, so it's "saved", but I'd really like to undelete the post.

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