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Guest thesludge

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Out of curiosity IPB supply the forum, correct. No member on heres wants their board the same as joe bloggs, correct. Yet IPB do not sell or even offer board skins. :(

That to me is like selling a car without wheels. :blink:

So why not as part of a deal, to sell a IPB board , that it is tiered into 2 parts. Standard IPB board with no skin, and then say for example an Exclusive IPB board that you would buy a board at a slightly higher price, but would include a skin of your choice that IPB could pay to the designer for example such as http://www.invisioncube.com/index.php seeing as I have one of their skins on my board http://www.rs-mania.co.uk/forums/

As an IPB board owner i get frustrated, as i guess most other owners do that there is this version, that verison being released, yet without skinners being told about this we cannot as site owners update the boards as quickly as we would like.

If IPB worked with say Invisoncube whilst redeveloping boards surely this would make a board more attractive to buy.

I apologise if i am barking up the wrong tree here but insted of deleting this post, let members post their views on this please.

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