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  1. i have you tube in the sidebar, but its HUGE!!! How can i reduce the size of the screen within the sidebar please?
  2. is waiting for downloads to be installed......ho wlong will i need to wait????????????

  3. if anyone is willing to spend a few minutes of there time to install this for me at all please, i would really really really appreciate it :thumbsup: Thanks :cool:
  4. :blink: think ill leave it lol-last time i did sumat like that i took my site down :blush: :blush: :blush:
  5. without sounding dumb ,where do i load the files you? uploads in my server? :blush: if so would that be root files or home dir :blush: forgive me trying to still learn as i go
  6. wow i like the look of this. i dont know how to install it though :blush:
  7. i cant get my box to show up at all.............can anyone help at all please?
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