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IPB 1.3.1 SQL Error

Guest Peter66007

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I`ve a version of IPB(1.3.1)
The Dutch version of www.invisionpower.nl
But i cant ask them on support because i am suspended on their forum.

When i click on: The Moderating Team then do i get a SQL error:

mySQL query error: SELECT m2.id, m2.name, m2.email, m2.hide_email, m2.location, m2.aim_name, m2.icq_number,

f.id as forum_id, f.read_perms, f.name as forum_name, c.state

FROM ibf_moderators mod

LEFT JOIN ibf_forums f ON(f.id=mod.forum_id)

LEFT JOIN ibf_categories c ON(c.id=f.category AND c.state != 0)

LEFT JOIN ibf_members m2 ON (mod.member_id=m2.id)

mySQL error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'mod

LEFT JOIN ibf_forums f ON(f.id=mod.forum_id)

' at line 3

mySQL error code:

Date: Monday 10th of October 2005 03:22:55 PM

Some people say it will do because i have a to low MySQL Version.

The MySQL version of my server is:

STATS Server:

Apache 1.3.33

DirectAdmin 1.25.0

Exim 4.50

[b]MySQL 4.1.11 [/b]

Named 9.2.4

If that its not the problem? Can anyone say what else the problem is?
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Is indeed a database error and have the exact same thing at an old site which l had forgotten about, oops!!! This will need to be fixed via myphpadmin or your host may be able to do it for you.

Please note this ain't an Invision issue at all.

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Can you access the ACP? Try repairing the tables.

Also, please note that you are using IPB for many years now and that you only registered to get help. People usually aren't that fond of "leechers => people who only take, but don't give anything back". So you might change the tone in your replies, please.

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FROM ibf_moderators mod

mod is a reserved word for MySQL 4.1, so you need to quote it to get this statement to work.

I suppose, previous MySQL versions were not so strict regarding this, so it could have worked without quotes, but now it causes an error.

So, open forums/sources/misc/stats.php, find string FROM ibf_moderators mod
and replace it with FROM ibf_moderators `mod` (in two places).

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