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IPB Settings Import

Guest Dan

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When you create an IPB settings group, it asks for a group key which needs to be individual to the group, something along the lines of my_settings, or similar.

When you export an ipb_settings_partial.xml file, it exports the group information, including the group key as a part of it, but all of the individual settings are exported with conf_group set to it's group id number, which is individual to the forum it was created on. This means that when you import your settings, they don't show as a part of the newly created group and it takes an SQL query to 'fix' it.

Is there any chance this could be set up so that settings are exported with the conf_group set to the group key from the group they are a part of, so that when they are imported, they are placed into the correct group straight away? Having to run queries just to import settings can be enough to kill the easy installation feel that components are supposed to give. :(

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