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Unique Reputation System

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Since there are so many people that would like to recognize posters who contribute (or discourage negative behavior), I have developed an idea that Matt may wish to consider adding to IPB to allow forum leaders to recognize contributing members.

In this system, only forum leadership (mods & admins) would be able to modify a user's "reputation", so there would not be any "vote wars" by members.

Place a + or - button somewhere in the post (or member's profile) that board leaders (group setting in the Admin CP to allow or disallow moderators to rate members) could use. If the board leaders feel that the member's posts contribute to the board, they can click the "+" button. If they are spamming or otherwise breaking forum guidelines, the moderators could click the "-" button.

In order to keep a person's reputation from flip-flopping, perhaps the ability to rate each member could be limited. For example, a moderator could only give them one positive rating AND one negative rating per day. That way, if they break the rules, they could be rated down. However, if they redeem themselves later by contributing something worthwhile to the board, they could receive a postive rating to nullify the negative.

Also, by limiting the rating to 1 time per day per member, it would prevent the member from receiving several of the same ratings by different members of the moderation team (no "gang-banging").

The person's average rating could then be displayed in their posts.

I think a system such as that would be more professional than just allowing members to rate each other, because all too often that system is used as a weapon. I've seen several boards where members go around rating every post by another member down simply because they disagree with that member. This system would not have that problem because members would only be able to see the results, not participate directly.

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Or you could make the Warn System somehow propagate this way..

But, other than that, I agree with this Idea, but wish to add that the Admin may add other groups that can also add and remove from the reputation, say a "Leadership Group" or something. Therefore, those people don't have Moderator power's, but can contribute to the reputation of users. The "Leadership Group" would be a chosen few who do not spam, or the like, but of course, the Admin can set otherwise.

Great Idea, if you add what I just wrote above, it would make for a freat system far more superior than the rest.

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