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IP logs for login

Guest Stoffer

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+666 :devil:

Been mentioned before too.

However I think the extent of logging should be optional:

* Per session (each session created makes an entry with the IP used)
* Per log-in (obvious)
* IP addresses:
* * Every time the IP changes
* * Unique IPs only

So someone could pick the details they want. Like for me, I'd choose to only have the unique IP's. That way there's a list of used IP's, but condensed.

Someone else might want to check off to have each session logged (which can fill up a log very quickly) but could also be useful for tracking someones pattern, if there happens to be a trouble maker.

Also which groups and/or members to log. (Drop down list of member groups plus a list that you can type in a name to add or click a name and delete). That'd be real useful for trying to detect account abuse, like if you think someones account has been compromised or is being shared or something else.

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