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Enhanced IP Ban

Guest Dlf

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Enhanced IP Ban. The current IP ban often blocks good visitors to your board. This new ban will allow you to delete or disable the offending users account and then ban his IP as strictly as needed. Any new registrations that match that IP ban will have to be approved first, thus blocking out the bad user will letting other good people that share the same IP range to still visit.
Sorry if already implemeted/planned. If not it could be useful. Because as Fusyoa said a topic at inviz:
IPB has already done as much as they do as the PHP lanague allows
or something to that wording.
How about that? In the works, already implemeted (in the source code)? this could probely save hundreds of board owners along time 'cleaning' and 'messing' with banned users that won't stay banned.

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Sorry for the double post but I have some more ideas:
Just got this while on a (sort of) IPb board i co-run, and clearing out the TMM's.

  • 1. You can make a TMM perform a certain function / something after x amount of time. like say you create a TMM for staff landfill (of non-public posts/topics). You apply it to a topic then like 5 mins later it's moved to the forum you specified.
  • 2. You can see (in the ACP) what each TMM says (the title, active forums, add to start/end of topic[etc]).
  • 3. You can arrange the TMMs (in the ACP and forum) in the order you want. (if more then one in the forum)
  • 4. You can choose which staff (groups|members) can do which TMM.
  • 5. You can choose if the TMM raises post count for (groups|members)
I think i had more, but that seems enough for right now.
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