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I would like to expand on this ... I am not sure if anyone is familiar with The Face Book. One of the neat features in this is that each profile field uses commas as seperators for things such as interests. When you view the profile you will see that each phrase between commas is a link which in turn runs a search for that word or phrase in that field for all profiles in the system. Ultimately it's a quick way to find someone that has the same or similar interests as you.

Location could be the same way, except commas would not be delimiters. Having a box in the search dialog would be neat as well.

Sorry for babbleing ... just my perspective.


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Any official word?

I sent a ticket on this. Answer was that they cant help, probably it will require both skin and source modification.

Why location is non seachable is beyond me. All other default fields are searchable... :rolleyes:
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