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Few ideas....

Guest JayX

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Forgive me if they're already there, or if they're just really dumb :D

1. Variable Override

Apart from having a fantastic name (I might start an 80s hair metal band called Variable Override now!) I personally think it'd be dead handy to have the ability to override a specific variable on any member I feel like.

For example:

User "Steve" is uploading a specific file for me to the forum and needs more space. Rather than make a new membergroup just for one person, the ability to override that variable would be very useful. It'd also make things a lot tidier, as he'd still be classed as a normal Member, rather than having to reclass him and messy up the group list.

2. Thread Notes

Sometimes it'd be handy to leave a note on the top of a thread for the moderator of the forum to see.. ie "Don't close this... its funny!" etc

3. Admin Lockout

Have it so nobody can edit an admins post or lock his thread unless using his username.

Ie i make a post, then 10mins later one of my mods will sneak in a sarky comment on the end. Tis funny, but I think only I should be able to edit my own posts. You can force the "Edited by.." tag, but its not worth it just for that.

4. Undo feature

Is there one? I haven't noticed one.....


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their are two 'note' mods for IPB 2.0.x. A topic notes for members where members can write notes in topics. There is another which is for the staff, and the notes can ONLY be deleted via SQl queres I think like


. I dont' know to much about SQL queres besides ADD, DELETE, LEFT JOIN, and some others, dont' know to excute them though.

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