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Private Threads INSTEAD of PM's

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Is it just me, or is the current PM system annoying. When replying it turns into a quote mess.

I post on some infopop boards, and they have a much better function called "Private Topics."

Basically its like each member has their own forum in their PM area. You can send a message to somebody, and if they accept it, then both users have the thread in their PM area. The threads work as normal threads and only those users can see them. When replying, it adds a post underneath, as usual, and moves the topic to the top of your list, just like a forum.

Does anybody else think this is better than PM's? I would love to see something like this for IPB2.1 to completely replace the current private message system.

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Wow, I had been thinking on a way to avoid all the quotes-mess, but never thought at this.
Yes, it is very good idea !

Can it accept more than 2 users, if you forward it to a third person for example?

Really nice idea !

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I'm for this. It would be a little bit more like [b]email[/b] too.

I would say it would be a little more like gmail. The PM-topic-thread would be a way to imitate gmails conversation ! I was thinking how we could have a smiliar feature than gmails conversation, but didn't thought the answer could be as simple.

Oh, and there comes again my old thoughts/hopes/dreams of IPS implementing an Webmail client... but yes this idea could make this implementing "a lot" easyer... this could be done similarly like RSS did facilitate the implementation of topic syncronisation across different forums... in our/this case entering emails could be saved as a post in the Email-forum
Add some ajax to make post collapsable, and there you have an InvisionGmail...

Ok, sure, it is harder to implement than to describe, but I have the impression this could be feasible. Wouldn't this be a nice addition to IPB and IP.dynamic ?
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that's an awesome suggestion! i don't feel quiet happy with the current PM system and this would be a great improvement. add a option for secured rss feeds and a xml-rpc option to reply and you'll receive a superior messaging system

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This had been suggested a long time ago and I seem to recall Matt liking the idea. Hopefully it will make it sometime :thumbsup:

Yep, and here is the link to it >>CLICK ME<<

I had actually made reference to a style that would match gmail's appearance too. :thumbsup:
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This does sound a great idea.

Something similar (as I seem to like taking these topics off-topic atm), is a 'whisper' feature I have seen talked about on some other boards.

At present, some idiot (rather like me) comes along and wants to talk to a small group of posts in the topic about something different and will proceed to take the whole thing completely off-topic whilst they ask about what they're doing tonight or w/e.

This 'whisper' feature allows you to make your reply visible only to selected posters, so it doesn't interfere with the flow of the topic - it sounds like it is pretty much the same as the advanced PM system you are discussing here, except with the option to select who you wish to "PM" from within the topic rather than knowingly sending them a "PM" per se.

Anyway, love this whole idea and it should definitely be introduced in a IPB near you soon! I would like to say IPB 2.1, but I'm guessing IPB 3.0 would be a more realistic expectation?

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