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A few ideas

Guest Sam A

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May have been mentioned before, may not have. I'll post them anyway.

1. Forum open and close times. I think this would compliment the current topic open and close time system.

2. Allow users to set their preferred font for the WYSIWYG editor. I hate having to change to Verdana everytime I post. :(

That's it. o:)

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I like both ideas, but my question for the first one would be this: Would the open/close times be one time only, or settable to repeating, ie, daily, weekly, every other hour, etc? Also, whose time would it go by? One the one hand it would seem fair that everyone has the same time period to prevent abuse of time changers wanting to sneak in before/after they're supposed to, but on the other hand, those who are using their legit time periods who only get a small amount of time per day to post could lose out if they're an hour too late because they're half-way around the world.

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