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Point system

Guest Wolfie

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Ok for lack of a better name, I'm referring to it as a point system, one of the benefits of what I'm about to describe would benefit in this topic

The idea would involve adding forum fields and user account fields. For the forums, an amount could be entered for how much a person would be rewarded or charged per post in that forum and/or one of it's subforums. I know it may be more involved than this, but the idea would be a field called the amount per topic and per reply (negative would be a charge, positive would be a credit), and wether it affects only that forum, any subforums, or both. Also, being able to specify an automatic closing/deleting/hiding of topics/replies X minutes/hours/days/weeks after it has been made. (0 = manual/off). Also, "exempt groups" that can post without being charged or credited.

This would allow forums to charge a fee for posting in certain forums (or even reward someone for posting in forums) as well as keep topics on time limits if desired.

For the user account, a simple field with the amount of credit should be enough.

For this to work, I believe either a slight change to the way the Subscription Manager (SM) works, or a pre-made module to be included that can be easily configured. If someone makes a purchase, then points could be awarded to that persons account instead of a subscription period, or combined with a subscription period before the credits are removed (but that could be even more involved). With the "exempt groups" above, if someone wanted to charge a premium for posting in a certain forum, someone could offer it by time instead of by post, so someone subscribing could have a certain group added to their account (as an alternative to their being *switched* to that group).

I know it may be a bit involved to get this idea added in, but it could be a benefit to the features of the forum software, and could also be a benefit to the blog and gallery add-ons (charge a premium to make blog entries or to upload/create a gallery).

Any support for this idea? (w00t) :D :-"

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I think this is a good idea. I was looking for a mod like this (with no luck).
I think a points system is a good idea and would be a nice addition to IPB. The users can use the points they earn for custom Member Titles or Avatars and unlock special features for a certain amount of points.

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That's for more of a gaming aspect. This idea would be to use the Subscription Manager to by credits that could then be used for using functions in the forums such as posting. But would also open up the doors for mods to have a pre-made field for values, so mods would be more likely to integrate with each other better. The link I provided will give the idea to why I made this request.

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