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Guest shockz

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When warning a member it places a note in the warn log... which is good, but I thought of a few ideas that could help mods and admins deal with clerical things when it comes to warns.

Heres my idea:

After you warn somebody... what about a thread being generated about the warn you've just applied to a member. The thread could include the description of the warn you entered, the PM/email sent, the current warn level, and the thread/post entry link which caused the warn to occur. You could select a forum for the thread to be placed in.

Making a thread is a good idea, as you can search for past warns with out having to go to a members profile... which means going to the member's search, entering the member, finding his profile through all the matches, then clicking the warn link.

As of now... all of this information is manual and sometimes can be a lot of work if warning more than one person..

Edit: It'd be nice if non-customers could suggest things.... when I see features not present it's a turn off to me buying this software.

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