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Archiving a complete board (not just topic)

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I have a Power Board additional feature I'd like to suggest. It's very useful how in the "Options" choices under a topic you can save or download a complete topic discussion thread to HTML or Word formats. I'm a University professor and so I have any discussion boards up for one semester only. It would be great if at the end of a semester I had an option to download the complete forum into a Word format!

The reasons for wanting to download a complete forum (e.g. the Discussion Board for one class) include: (a) it provides a quick history of discussions in case any debates/conflicts arise later on, (b) more importantly it allows me to do an analysis of the discussions at a later date for research purposes, and © it provides me with another way to backup my Forum data. Of the 3 I've listed, reason B is most important to me. Now I realize I can accomplish the same ends is a messy way: download every topic. But downloading a complete Forum would be a more elegant and simpler solution for some of us.

Thanks for your consideration.

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As the topic title says "Archiving a complete board." I'd like to ask, is there a feature, or wanted feature to allow a whole board to be archived under a forum with them as sub-forums without having to do each one manually?

Ontop of that, It would also be nice to not have to create new forums after the forums have been archived as sub-forums of a master forum.

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