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IPB will import templates as images without error

Guest Chris Griego

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When doing an images xmlarchive skin import, if you accidentally select the ipb_skin templates file, the import finishes without error and reports "Image set imported!".

Because of the new complexity of the 2.0 skin import system, there being 2 seperate files, it seems likely that importing one file as the other will be a common pitfall. Importing images as the templates gives the error "The XMLarchive import doesn't appear to be valid - please check the file and try again" but importing templates as images gives no such error and acts as if everything went perfectly.

The lack of an error is a bug because the action was not successfully completed.

A smarter import system that detected when one file was uploaded in place of ther other and gave a helpful error message to that effect would be ideal.

It also seems to me that an average user is more likely to use the import than export system, so while this isn't a bug it would be nice to see the import options listed before the export options.

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