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About My Services

Hello, I'm shahed. I love designing and developing for Invision platform. from simple, to very complex templates for Pages app, I have found this specific Invision CMS software very interesting, and up to evolve in much more then it's vanilla form. designing and developing special templates so that staff can use Pages app as a very reliable and enhanced looking CMS software, with specific functionalities for each type of contents like articles, news, reviews, profiles, magazine and more. apart from Pages app, I also developed many more resources for other Invision software include Forums, Downloads, Events and more, to expand it's features, design options and usability. creating full-fledged Themes and Skins for entire suite, with very enhanced and beautiful designs is also my craft.


Pages app: Pages app is a very powerful CMS software by Invision, which fully integrated with everything else Invision offers. it also have great starter pack with handful of templates for content based websites. however this software can entirely look different with more functionality with special designing. I can help clients to develop, design and create specific designs and templates to evolve this software to meet their very need.

Themes and Skins:  I have experience on creating very complex and multi-layered Themes or Skins for Invision platform, which not just a redesign to change the look of the community, but adding whole new features and sub-features inside as one package. to install one theme, admins gets a lot more features, design options and enhancements than a simple change of looks.

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  • Invision Power Services, Inc. (IPS) makes the provider directory available as a convenience to our customers. While we make an effort to maintain a reliable provider directory, we do not review, test or warrant the fitness of any third party resource or service. Use of third party resources is done at your sole risk and it is your responsibility to ensure any resources or services being obtained are compatible and suitable for your individualized use of the software.

    Any relationship and/or subsequent transaction established via use of the provider directory is exclusively between you and the provider. IPS will not act as an intermediary in the event of a dispute or claim.

    IPS does not provide support for modifications to the software, nor any issues that arise from same. IPS reserves the right to refuse support for communities utilizing what we determine, in our sole discretion, any modifications that hinder our ability to effectively support and/or diagnose issues with your community.

Customer reviews for Shahed


  • 5

Very professional and pleasant developer, most recommended! 

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  • 5

I've always had great experiences with Shahed, Some of the work is an important part of my community and I appreciate their openness to my suggestions on improvements. There's a lot of great work here which brings out IP.Pages and gives you a more productive experience when producing content.

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  • 5

Good plugin. 

Very good support. 


I invite you to encourage this developer. 

I recommend it

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