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  1. Hi guys, My site is being constantly re-designed. When I have time at least. Sadly I am running the whole site and hardware on my own. www.scanneraustralia.com.au is offering live broadcasts of the NSW, Australia emergency services networks. It's being used mostly by TV stations, Newspapers and concerned residents. It covers any emergency situations such as fire, flood, unrest and sadly at times terrorist activities. It's all free. But crowd funding is important. i have about 6,000 members so it's fairly small. Hardware running costs are astronomical too!
  2. Another thank you from me as well. Never had problems with support. Everyone is very professional and friendly as well which is a bonus.
  3. Hi guys, managed to to fix it, go to support > something isn't working > clear caches. now I am back in business. hope this helps someone
  4. Looks like RC2 has broken all of the pages app. Too bad - massive step backwards again.
  5. Hi, After upgrading to RC2, none of the Navigation sub menus will pop down anymore. Has anyone experienced the same problem? Losing my mind here.
  6. On my semi-live site, I noticed something that I have always missed previously, When many menu items have been added such as Main Menu Main Menu Main Menu Main Menu Sub Menu Sub Menu Sub Menu Sub Menu Those sub menu items will randomly swap places between Main Menus. Has anyone else noticed this behaviour? Has this bug been reported? I havent been able to find this in the bug tracker but wanted to ask first. Or maybe I am doing something wrong. Thanks guys.
  7. Pages is completely unusable in my install. Only way to actually get a partially functional install is to erase all content and start from scratch.
  8. I understand everybody is frustrated but I think you guys are expecting too much. Releasing beta 7/7a was in good faith and I am pretty sure those new bugs were not intentional. RC will be released early next week so I just wait for that. By the way my IPB 4 test install is still unusable too. I won't even mention pages but I trust that they will get it worked out during the RC stage.
  9. uh now I stuffed it altogether - I tried uninstalling Pages and now the whole site just disappeared haha.
  10. When I try to log in after the Beta 6 upgrade I get Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0 Contact Us Its a problem alright - and I know something wen wrong but EX0 doesnt tell me terribly much. I already filed a bug report but can somebody tell me whether there is a work around? I thought I would - for the first time - see IPB 4 without any crippling errors. Any input appreciated
  11. I did as instructed over 2 days - no answer. So I figured I would do my research and testing myself. God ipb 4 is a mess. I kept checking that the root admin group had access to side bar - check. Did I check my username? Nope since I am in the root admin group. well when I checked my username it turns out I don't have many rights at all! What the hell? User no 1 in root admin can't do much. I had to manually tick all the boxes and i still don't have root admin rights. As the beta rolls on I like the product less and less which makes me sad to say. The ACP is so... Random and dumbed down. Whe
  12. Thanks for suggestion - tick box doesn't even exist. Let's hope this gets fixed before final. Otherwise I will start looking at other options.
  13. ok. I re-installed. re-installed. re-installed. Nothing. No sidebar. I left it with Brandon 2 days ago but look like I will have to miss out on that one. Unless a miracle happens and it re-appears on its own. If someone has ANY idea or TIP on how to get this damn thing to pop up (block manager) please let me know. I am out of ideas and pretty frustrated.
  14. Haha, yeah I know how that works, I had the sidebar previously- only problem is >> is missing
  15. I am on Beta 5a and there is no sidebar to be found anywhere. I have done as much troubleshooting as possible. Is there anything I can do to get the sidebar at the front end. back? Appreciate any replies? Thanks
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