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  1. IP.Commerce name changed to IP.Nexus

    Is it a forum, a blog, a photo app, an application platform, a social networking site, a SN bridge, a payment gateway, a CRM, a ticket module? Who knows!
  2. How IPS uses its hosting services to grow and learn

    Nice, I didn't know the DC was in Reston, I'm pretty sure you guys are in the same DC that we use. If you ever need an emergency install or reboot, it's just a ten minute drive up 28 for me :)
  3. CleanCut is very nice, very ahem, clean :P

  4. Been missing Ineo? I'd like to take the time to let everyone know that E29 has adopted Ineo and will be pushing development forward. You can keep up on the system, file tickets, view docs, etc : http://ineo.findserenity.net/wiki We'll be pushing out a IP.Board 2.2 & 2.3 compatible update at the end of this month.
  5. IP.Nexus

    I'm slightly confused here, you're suspending IP.Nexus development until a later date? It also sounds like you are considering dropping the IP.Nexus product due to market changes? Just my two cents, but that would be a terrible business decision to reverse course on IP.Nexus, especially after the years of resources invested into the product. I do agree that IPS is a community centric company, and that your community offerings are the heartbeat of the business, but IP.Nexus, even in it's current iteration, would be a good way to split your market and grow. That aside, more development resources on IPB3 definitely isn't a bad thing, it's shaping up to be an exciting release :)
  6. Whens that Wordpress Bridge coming out? Is that with Converge or something separate, I could seriously use it.