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  1. I cannot get IP.Downloads from Invision so I will ask that you refund this purchase. Sorry for the delay in asking for this. It has been disabled since I first installed it. As you pointed out, it won't work without IP.Downloads. Thanks
  2. I read the description, I understand the description.. I don't want a refund.. I have no problem with buying IP.Downloads.. I can't find it to buy it..! Where is it? Maybe I should ask what is IP.Downloads? a search returns nothing by that name. I am willing to purchase it... just please direct me to where I can do that. Will Downloads Reports 1.0.4 work on Invision Community v4.7.5?
  3. That link takes me to this app page.??? Generate revenue Users can sell digital files for a set price (with the ability for your community taking a cut). All I want to do is get the app I bought from you (Downloads Reports Enabled 1.0.4) an hour or so ago.. to work. What am I missing here?
  4. Is that the name of the app I need? I searched and didn't find any match to that name.
  5. Is this what I need? (DP45) IP.Downloads Stock
  6. Hi Adriano, I am new at this so maybe there are things I should do but didn't.. I installed Downloads Reports 1.0.4. But I don't see any reports.. I get this when I look for a report... It is installed and enabled..? What else do I need to do? Thanks
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